Supreme Court of Ghana

The highest court in Ghana is called the Supreme Court. The independence and division of the judiciary from the legislative and executive branches of government are guaranteed by Ghana's 1992 constitution.

According to the 1992 constitution, the Supreme Court must consist of the Chief Justice of Ghana and at least nine additional Supreme Court Justices. The Ghanaian President appoints the Chief Justice after consulting with the Council of State and receiving the consent of the national legislature.

On the recommendation of the Judicial Council and after consulting with the Council of State, the President appoints the other Supreme Court Justices. Additionally, Parliament's consent is required for this. All of the public tribunals founded by the PNDC were dissolved by the 1992 Constitution in favor of the Regional Tribunal, whose chairman was compared to the justices of the High Court. more more
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    2 hours

Address of Supreme Court of Ghana

Independence Avenue, Accra, Accra Ghana

Opening & Closing time of Supreme Court of Ghana

  • Monday
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  • Friday
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  • Sunday

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