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The magnificent, ornate, and complex architecture of the Accra Central Mosque is something that architecture enthusiasts would adore. This mosque, one of Accra's largest, with a trace of Turkish influence. The mosque's splendor can be admired from the outside by visitors. Muslims can come and take part in the prayers that are held every Friday.

It rises magnificently, gorgeously, and enormously. It is also a symbol of the close ties between the Islam of this region of Africa and the Islam of Turkey because it was constructed after the design of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A group of businessmen located at the Hudai Foundation paid for it. However, the nation that borders the Bosporus produces more than just money; it also produces ceramic tiles, marbles, earthenware, and other goods.

Symbol of Peace:

  • In Ghana, a historically peaceful nation where people of Moslem, Christian, and traditional faiths coexist without encountering any particular difficulties, the topic of the 'character' of Islam is addressed. It serves as a sort of deterrent to the spread of Islamic extremism. more more
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Address of Accra Central Mosque

Abose-Okai Rd, Accra Ghana

Opening & Closing time of Accra Central Mosque

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours
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