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The second-largest mall in South India was created with the idea of 'shopper-tainment' in mind. This environmentally friendly structure, built on 11 acres of land, featured stunning architecture. The construction has ensured that mall-goers will enjoy a sizable open area in the middle of the metropolis after realizing the necessity for open spaces amid concrete structures. THINGS TO DO AT EXPRESS AVENUE MALL: • Shop till you drop: Express Avenue Mall is a retailer of excellent clothing for the discerning gentleman, embodying refinement, elegance, and status. In the pursuit of excellence, it stands for meticulous handiwork that results in apparel that is both timeless and modern, and ideal. Shop for brands as H&M, Lifestyle, Big Bazaar, and Pantaloons. • Dine in excellent dining options if it is what you're looking for: More than 25 food outlets, including international names like KFC and Pizza Hut, are located in the food court or EA Garden. South India, north India, American, Italian, street food, and other cuisines are others. • Give in to movies at Escape Escape Cinema: Eight screens at Escape offer movies in all languages throughout the day. Their candy shop is still highly well-liked and sells ice cream, popcorn, nachos, cold drinks, and Indian foods like chaat and samosas. You won't get a more complete experience anyplace else. • Allow the children to play in Fun City: Of course, we can't overlook youngsters. The kids can enjoy some time in the open arcade while the parent's shop. A play area for children under 12 years old, arcade games, and daily contests with significant rewards are all available. There are child rides as well, and when the kids get off one of those, you can be sure they'll want to go back in immediately because the rides play loud music and get them all pumped up. • Relax At O2 Spa: Do you know the ideal way to cap off a long day? A good spa experience. Whether you shop or not—O2 Spa offers treatments like massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures to help you properly unwind at the end of the day! • Live Your Dreams At Royapettah's Virtual Experiences Pix 5D Cinema: Virtual Experiences is your escape into a fun and fictional world, suitable for adults and children. Watching a movie there will allow you to do all of that while keeping up with the action on the screen! As a bonus, this location also features effects like smoke, snowfall, bubbles, thunder, storm, wind, rainfall, and more. • Visit Toni & Guy to get ready: Toni & Guy in Express Avenue Mall is the ideal place for both short revamps and complex makeovers. You can also schedule salon appointments there. For a relaxing time at the salon, go there with your friends or family! • Consider a staycation: The 4-star boutique luxury hotel with 44 rooms is called E Hotel, and while it can accommodate guests year-round, the mall is what draws most people there.

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Address of Express Avenue Mall

Club House Rd, Express Estate Mount Road, Chennai (Madras) 600002 India

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