The Qasr Al Watan Experience was designed, produced, and is currently managed by Miral. Visitors visiting the Qasr Al Watan gain a greater understanding of the UAE's governing customs and values as well as a deeper understanding of the country's rich cultural heritage. Visitors can examine a wide range of ancient artifacts and manuscripts that highlight the Arab world's achievements in the arts, the humanities, and literature. The impressive exhibitions and renowned rooms housed inside Qasr Al Watan's halls are echoed in the building's architecture and design, producing an exquisitely crafted ode to Arabian ingenuity and tradition.

You may also learn more about the emperors and governing bodies that helped to create our magnificent country by visiting the Palace's exhibitions, which reflect the region's rich Arabic heritage and will certainly leave you in awe of its towering passages and installations that highlight it.

To understand their tenacity and resolve, immerse yourself in their fascinating history and culture. All additional exhibits and zones, as well as the Visitor Center, are all accessible with an entry ticket.

Apart from the designs and artifacts it also includes the Qasr Al Watan Library, which houses a wide range of books and resources regarding the UAE and enables scholars to research the development of the nation. A homage to Miral's commitment to creating immersive experiences, the Palace in Motion light and sound show is projected onto the house's façade every evening.

The place where the sound show is held is the most beautiful and crowded during the summer season. Summertime, when traveler numbers are at their highest, is the ideal time to visit Qasr Al Watan. The number falls during the winter and is at its lowest during the monsoon. Therefore, it is advised for people who want to visit the place when you want to explore each and every corner to go in the winter when it is less crowded.

When in Qasr Al Watan:

Visit Abu Dhabi's Presidential Palace complex to see Qasr Al Watan, the best cultural landmark in the area. The grandiose Great Hall and the richly ornamented House of Knowledge are exquisite tributes to Arabian culture. Watch the entire castle come to life after a sandy sunset by purchasing an entrance to the Palace in Motion light show. Explore the captivating Great Hall and take in the exquisite mosaic designs and archways that showcase traditional Emirati architecture. View a 3,50,000-crystal chandelier while standing where a region's future is decided. more more
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    1 hour

Address of Qasr Al Watan

Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi 001 United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Qasr Al Watan

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